A Hidden Valley

Nose Hill Park, north end
  • Parking: corner of Berkley Gate and 14th Street NW
  • Washrooms: at the parking lot
  • Paved and Dirt Path

My first "deliberate" walk started off under a clear blue sky through our rich prairie grasslands.  Countless birds flew out of the grass ahead of me as I walked along, and there were wild roses and other flowers everywhere.  The path soon followed along the southern edge of Porcupine Valley, where I saw a couple of deer grazing among the aspen on the opposite slope. My first large wildlife sighting!

When I eventually crossed the valley and looked behind me, it seemed to have disappeared; the rolling grassland had swallowed it whole - very disconcerting.  But as I topped a rise, I was treated to another amazing view: on one side was COP and downtown, on the other were the rolling foothills and Rocky Mountains.  I was on top of the world!

As I headed back to the parking lot, I decided to walk along the bottom of the valley.  I could see the path clearly from above, but when I got down there the grass was thick and tall; up to my chest in places.  Soon I was wet with the dew, and slightly anxious about the many unseen creatures scurrying away on both sides of the path.  But I made it to my car unscathed, and quite proud of my first real adventure!

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