Southbank of Bow River, west of Bowness Park
  • Parking: Boat Launch, west side of Baker Park
  • Washrooms: in Baker Park and Bowness Park
  • Dirt Path
View from the south end of Stoney Trail Bridge.

This was the adventure that started it all!  I had just begun two months of holidays, and in a fit of restlessness I decided to head down to the river valley for a walk. 

I parked in Baker Park, followed the path west, crossed under the Stoney Trail Bridge and turned right along the dirt path closest to the water.  Uphill and down, through the old fir trees, watching the river sparkle as it rushed along beside me. 
Along the trail, above the river

Suddenly, I was struck by the way the details of my life had just slipped away, leaving room to notice the details of the moment; fascinating, beautiful, peaceful (and sometimes itchy) details.  Right there and then, I resolved to do this every morning.

A new adventure every morning, exploring Calgary and the surrounding area - one walking path at a time!

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