Baker Park

Morning sunlight filtering through the leaves.
  • Washrooms: Just west of the parking lot
  • Paved Path
  • Parking: Parking lot on site
The Quiet Sister
The colours in the park were just amazing this morning!  The dew-coated grass shimmered in the sunshine and the leaves glowed, backlit by a deep blue sky.  The river couldn't decide whether to be green or blue or silver, and the flowers more than filled in the rest of the spectrum.  It was as if nature amped up the saturation level on her canvas today!
The amphitheatre gardens.

I often think of Baker Park as the quieter, more dignified sister to Bowness Park across the river.  While Bowness is overflowing with splashing paddle boats, boisterous family BBQ's and playgrounds, Baker offers tree-lined walking paths, flower gardens and a beautiful disc-golf course.  The pathways criss-cross the park, leading you either inland through gazebos and archways or along the river, with peak-a-boo glimpses of the water that you can hear flowing just a stone's throw away.  
Playful bears.

All paths, however, lead to the central Bowl, a grassy amphitheatre bordered by luscious flowerbeds and opening onto the water's edge.  At the East and West entrances to the area you'll find a pair bear cub sculptures, playfully wresting on their stone pedestals.  It's popular venue for summer weddings, and you can spot freshly minted newly-weds almost every Saturday.

The hidden beach at the west end of the park.

As part of the Bow River Pathway system, and now a link in the new Trans Canada Trail, the path can be a busy place.  You might be tempted to turn around at the west end of the park, faced with boat launch and pump station.  But if you walk just a little farther, you'll find a quiet little backwater in the river, complete with a miniature beach and lagoon.  Take off your shoes, enjoy the water and soak up some of this glorious, but short, Alberta summer!

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