Votier's Flats (Fish Creek)

Splashing through the puddles!
  • Washrooms: Just west of the parking lot
  • Paved and gravel paths
  • Parking: Parking lot on site
The Sun Can't Shine Everyday!  

This has been one of the wettest July's on record and this morning's walk captured the essence of the perfect rainy day.   Rain drops left dimples in the puddles and pitter-pattered through the leaves.  There was no wind at all, and the air was heavy with the steadily falling water, muting the view with a silvery veil.  And what a view it was!  The plants have grown lush with the heat and moisture from our almost daily thundershowers, and the ponds, creeks and river are all full.  
The view from the Perfect Picnic Spot.

I began walking west from the parking lot, and immediately came across the ideal picnic spot, perched on the bank of a bend in the Elbow River, overlooking a tributary, some rapids and of course the scenic river valley.  But seeing as it was raining and I had already finished my breakfast, I bypassed the picnic table and followed the path beside, and then over, the river.  At first I wandered through Votier's Flats, a wooded flood plain dotted with flowery meadows.  Just on the other side of the bridge, though, the north river bank suddenly rose up at an area known as Raven Rock.  The steep rocky cliffs were impressive, although the birds themselves were no where to be found.

The meadows of Votier's Flats.

In fact, all of the creatures were quiet this morning and I assumed everything was hunkered down, waiting out the rain.  Near the end of my walk, though, I did catch some movement out of the corner of my eye, and was surprised to find a deer walking beside me through the bush.  Just me and my new friend, taking a stroll through the forest on this rainy morning - how delightful!

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