North Glenmore Park

  • Washrooms: by the Canoe Club   
  • Paved and Gravel Path
  • Parking: Lot on Site
Sunshine - at last!   

I woke this morning to sunny skies, and I just had to get down to North Glenmore Park and start this beautiful day beside the reservoir!  Although I could see the water from the parking lot, I first turned inland to follow a gravel path through some trees. The water would just have to wait, I thought, and besides, it's always good to save the best for last.

But just over a hill and around a bend - voila! - I found water anyways.  A storm pond was hidden away in the trees, sparkling in the sunlight.  Surrounded by evergreens and bullrushes, it seemed a quaint little sister to the nearby expanses of Glenmore Reservoir.  I had to leave the main path to walk around the pond, tiptoeing through the rocks and mud and mosquitos, but I finally made it back to my starting point, intact but now a bit dirty and itchy!

After that adventure, I stuck to the path and walked along the banks of the reservoir.  Wide open water, shining and blue under the cloudless sky.  On one side were the Rocky Mountains and Weaselhead Flats, on the other the docked white boats of Calgary's sailing club.  Between the two was just water, trees and sky - a great place to spend a sunny morning!

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