Edgemont Coulee

The inhabitants of Rabbit Rise.
  • Washrooms: None   
  • Paved Path
  • Parking: Street Parking
A Surprise at Rabbit Rise!   

This morning I started my walk at the south end of Edgemont Coulee.  It was tempting to explore the west side of the ravine which has been left in its natural state, but it was very muddy and thick with mosquitos after all this rain, so I made my way through the park on the east side.  The word "undulating" immediately came to mind.  The path meandered back and forth, rising and falling with the contour of the ravine bottom.  The gentle slopes on either side folded into themselves, forming little hills and valleys.  Plant stalks were bending in the breeze, and worms slowly zigzagged across the asphalt.  Everywhere I looked there were soft curves and graceful lines.

Gentle slopes and soft curves.

Around every bend was a little surprise: a swath of purple flowers on the hillside, a gnarled tree trunk covered in moss, a gazebo or picnic table tucked away in the foliage - and rabbits!  In 1999 Isabel Cole donated a series of three bronze rabbits (created by Garry Williams) as "a gift to the people of Edgemont for the enjoyment of all who come here."  Larger than life, each one has its own name and distinctive "rabbity" pose, a fitting tribute to their many, many real-life counterparts that run rampant through Calgary's northwest.
One of many places to sit and enjoy the morning.

Statues aside, the coulee is full of life.  The plants are already preparing for the change of seasons, as the early summer flowers begin to give way to developing seeds.  The trees are full of birds, and there are signs warning of recent moose sightings.  And did I mention the very healthy mosquito population?  All signs of a healthy, vibrant park tucked away in the heart of Edgemont!

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