Aspen Woods Ravine

Entering the Grove . . .
  • Parking: On the street      
  • Washrooms: None
  • Paved path or rough dirt path

A Stroll through the Grove 

This morning, I headed for a ravine in Aspen Woods to walk through the trees that lend their name to this community.  The stunning white bark of the trunks contrasted starkly with the rich greenery below, and I took the first little trail I found that led into the dark understory.  

I didn't actually see any gnomes or fairies, but I'm sure they were there.  As I stood in the middle of the trail, I was overwhelmed by the green and the heavy dampness in the air.  But whenI looked more closely, I was surprised by the bright splashes all around, tucked away between the grasses and bushes and deadfall.  Every leaf and flower glowed with the colours of early summer, many still balancing drops of water from last night's rain.  

As I walked, I seemed to pass though different neighbourhoods, each a haven for different creatures.  The sparrows had their own space, and later on I walked through a magpie conversation.  Then there was the squirrels' playground, where they chased each other through the branches that overhung the path.  Finally, there was a small stand of dead wood which was occupied by two crows that seemed to be disputing rights to a particular branch.  

The paved path along the valley was a busy place, even early this morning when most other trails are empty.  It skirts the edge of the ravine and offers lovely views of the forest with it's accompanying bird song and squirrel chatter.  

But if you don't mind a rougher trail, a few scratches and some mud on your shoes, I'd recommend you dive into the dirt trails that lead through the woods.  There is so much to enjoy, from the fluttering green leaves above to the grasses, berries and flowers below, not to mention being up close and personal with the squirrels and birds.  There's something about being amongst it all that's truly magical! 

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