Confluence Park

  • Parking: Parking Lot on Site
  • Washrooms: None
  • Paved and Groomed Dirt Path
"Split Rock" - carried and cracked in half by simple water.
Giant Rock   

I almost didn't go this morning - after a sketchy night's sleep it was very tempting to roll over the enjoy the warm comfort of my bed for a couple more hours.  But a commitment is a commitment, so I grumpily hauled myself up and out the door.  It's amazing what magic a bit of fresh air can work!  Once I started walking, I was reluctant to turn around at my half-way point.  Turned out to be a great walk after all!

Nose Creek meanders through the valley.
I started at the parking lot on the east end of the park, following the dirt trail beside the creek.  There is also a paved path at the top of the escarpment, but I like to go as close to the water as possible.  I criss-crossed the creek on several bridges, and followed a boardwalk over a couple low wetland areas.  The morning song of the birds almost out-powered the sound of the traffic, and they were constantly flying from one side to the other of the shallow valley.  I also had a great view of the constant succession of planes taking off from the airport - birds of another kind, I suppose.

Although I very much enjoyed the abundance of plants and animals nurtured by this winding creek, the highlight of the walk was "Split Rock", an erratic carried by the glaciers all the way from Jasper National Park. True to it's name, this granite boulder stands several meters tall, and has been cracked in half by years of freezing and thawing water.  It's presence here is a testament to nature's constant cycle of change.  
The sandstone escarpment above the creek.

Unfortunately, I only made it about a quarter of the way though this fantastic park, so I will certainly be back to explore the west end.  Apparently it's one of the best places to find beaver dams and lodges - definitely motivation for a return visit!

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