Bowness Park

  • Parking: Large lot on site              
    Reflections along the canal.
  • Washrooms: Yes
  • Paved and groomed dirt path
Rain Walk  

When faced with a dark, overcast sky, my first instinct is to curl up beside the fire with a good book and cup of tea.  But after experiencing the cool freshness of my recent walk through Bowness Park I have become a rainy day enthusiast! 

Ranging from a mist to a brief downpour, the falling rain transformed my trek along this familiar path into a new adventure.  The park was deserted, and the low clouds seemed to muffle the plants and animals, turning the open spaces into a cozy hide-away.  

Beautiful rocks along the river bank.

As I walked, I was struck by how many things were changed by the rain.  The regular soundscape of children's laughter, bird song and squirrel chatter was quiet, replaced by the steady thrumming of the raindrops on the leaves.  The river, usually sparkling in the sun, was as dull as slate, while the wetness revealed the rich colours of the boulders and pebbles along the bank.  And best of all, the smell of briquettes and cooking BBQ was washed away by that fresh, earthiness of a summer rain.  
Emerging from the dark fir trees.

So next time the forecast promises rain, plan for a walk before you curl up with a book by the fire, and enjoy the best of both indulgences!

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