Royal Oak Gazebo Ponds

  • Parking: On the street
  • Washrooms: North of the parking lot
  • Paved path
Hidden Oasis  

I found this gem of a path a few years ago while cycling the paths of Royal Oak.  This community is filled with little ponds tucked away between backyards and parks, and this one is by far my favourite.  

Four ponds connect to form a wide wetland, overlooked by a stone-pillared gazebo.  Most people stop here for a rest in the shade, enjoying the two fountains and the ducks paddling around.  

But if you follow the dirt path between the ponds, you can get up close and personal with the rest of the water fowl and song birds.  Today I was surprised by a beautiful heron that launched from the reeds at the water's edge - first time I've ever seen one!  Amazing!  

But the other birds were just as spectacular, flitting from bush to cat tail and back again, constantly calling to each other.  I especially enjoyed the red-winged blackbirds with their bright wing bands.  As I walked along the path, they flew up and over me, often settling back down where they began.  

Between the water, the birds and the sunny sky, this little path is an oasis of peace and tranquility.  Whatever stresses and distractions you might carry in are washed away, and you emerge free as a bird!

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