Nose Hill Park North

The sun cuts the forest in half.
  • Parking: On the street
  • Washrooms: On the East side of the park
  • Dirt path
A Bit of Both  

This evening I returned to the place where I took my first official walk for this blog - Nose Hill Park.  Last summer, I visited the east end of the park, following the top of a ravine, admiring the rolling hills and fescue grasslands.  But it's a huge place, covering 11 square kilometres, and today's walk showed me an entirely different face of this natural reserve.  I started at the north end of the park, and a steep path took me down into a coulee of trembling aspen.  The sun was low in the sky, and cast a sharp shadow almost exactly half way up the tree trunks.  It was as though my feet were taking an evening walk, and my head was enjoying a bright summer afternoon.  
The unending view to the west; just grass, mountains and sky!

As I followed the winding path, the forest sometimes gave way to little meadows and sometimes to the steep slope of the ravine, but was always accompanied by the sound of leaves rustling in the evening breeze.  

The recent rains made perfect little mushrooms.

All good things must come to an end, though, and eventually I found myself up on the plateau of the park.  After the closeness of the trees, the wide-open view up here was like a breath of fresh air.  Rocky Mountains on one side, canola fields on another side, and the city spread to the horizon on another.  Riding above it all was the endless blue Alberta sky, decorated here and there with wispy summer clouds and the odd flock of birds swirling in the distance.  That much sky certainly puts you in your place, and reminds you just how much world there is beyond your own little circle.

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