Edworthy Park South

  • Parking: Two lots on site     

    Downtown Calgary under sunny skies.
  • Washrooms: North of the parking lot
  • Paved path
Unexpected Thunder! 

Every time I float down the Bow River in our little raft, I look forward to rounding the bend to see the dense trees along the steep southern bank at Edworthy Park.  Today, I walked along that hillside, following the Bow River Pathway system between the footbridge and Crowchild Trail.  The path is right down by the water, separated from the fiver only by a set of train tracks.  It seems to be a busy line, and this morning I was treated to a horn blast and friendly wave from the conductor as the train roared past.  It was thrilling to be so close, and I got a great view of the graffiti art on the sides of the cars.
The beautiful mixed forest on the river bank.

The river bank rose steeply from the path for most of the way, but near the east end of my walk the ground levelled out.  Debris from the 2013 flood littered the area.  Fresh boulders have been laid to stabilise the bank in this section and the path has been repaved, but evidence of those powerful waters was all around;  some trees growing horizontally out from bank, barely hanging on the newly carved river's edge, while the trunks of others lay rotting in the underbrush, having been uprooted and washed downstream.

Storm's a-brewin'!

As I walked towards downtown, the tall towers grew slowly larger and more distinct, framed by the river banks on both sides and topped with fluffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky.  I was secretly laughing at the weatherman who had promised thunderstorms, enjoying the warm sunshine of this beautiful summer day.  Laughing, that is, until I turned around to see a bank of dark thunderclouds gathering in the west.  Oops!  After just a few steps, the first rain drops started to fall, and it wasn't long before the winds picked up and the thunder began to roll.  But as quickly as it began, the storm passed and I drove home under sunny skies once again.  Crazy Calgary weather!

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