Bowmont Natural Environment Park and Fournier Trail

Train bridge
  • Parking: Free street parking
  • Washrooms: None
  • Paved and dirt path
An Evening Walk

It was hot, hot, hot today so I took my walk this evening, instead.  I left my car on the street and started down the paved trail into the Bowmont Natural Environment Park.  At first, my path led through mature poplar and willows, but soon I heard the snap, crackle pop of cariaganna pods exploding in the hot summer air.  I don’t know if these bushes are native to this area or not, but the sparrows sure seemed to love them!

Victim of last September's snow.
Once I reached the river, there was a whole web of pathways to choose from.  I started by walking the Fornier Trail, which led me alongside a wildlife reserve and pond waters.  After the finishing that loop, I spent some time skipping stones under a railroad bridge that crosses the little side channel of the river there.

I sometimes get distracted on these walks, and once again I stayed out longer than I had planned. The paths down here are endless!  But the sun was setting, and it was time to head back to the car.  I felt like I was walking through an inspirational poster on the way back up to the street - patches of sunlight cut holes through the clouds, sending golden beams of light through the dusky sky.  Mix that with evening bird song and leaves rustling in the wind and you get one happy walker!
Sunbeams lighting my way home.

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