Paskapoo Slopes

  • Parking: Lot at the west entrance 
  • Washrooms: None
  • Rough dirt path (slippery after a rain!)

Vanishing Vistas
Folding hills.

I've driven by the slopes of Canada Olympic Park countless times, never giving it a second thought.  Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the location of the next walk on my list! I began at the west entrance (one of five trail heads) and spent the next hour and half climbing up and down countless hills, all folding in on each other.  I felt like I was in a different ecosystem every five minutes - grassy meadows, low scrub brush, sturdy  ground cover, and pockets of trees in the lower, wetter areas.

Lost amongst the trees.

I like the trees best, though, and soon threaded my way into a dense forest along a very muddy trail, criss crossed with mossy tree roots and embedded with huge rocks.  Patches of moss and lichen competed for my attention with red and white berries and ripening rose hips.  The mud was very slippery though, and I had to take turns picking my way along the path and stopping to take in the beauty around me.  No multi-tasking today!

The distracting stream.

I could have wandered all morning.  But breakfast was calling, so after about a half hour I turned around to head back to the car. Or so I thought.  In a moment of spontaneity, I followed one of the creeks down the slope. It was babbling over a series of tiny waterfalls, sparkling in the morning sun -  I just couldn't resist!  But the creek led me astray and I admit I was lost for a while . . .  

I made it out eventually, though, and will definitely risk a return visit!  But it may have to be soon.  I almost marked this post as urgent, as the area is being developed.  I was sad to see sections that have already been dug up, and an ominous stake with the label "Strip Limit".  Ouch!  
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