Panorama Hills

  • Parking: On street      
    Crossing over the neighborhood creek.
  • Washrooms: None
  • Paved path
Taking time to smell the roses!

Today I returned to work as a teacher after the long summer vacation.  Not quite willing to let my holiday walking habit fade away, I went for a stroll in the neighborhood of Panorama Hills.  It's a typical suburban pathway system, following a ravine bordered by backyards and residential streets.  I walked under arches and over bridges, through the slowly ripening colors of late summer.  Nothing exciting, I thought.  All plants and birds I had seen before, but all in all, a very pleasant way to spend the hour before work.  
Examining the cattails, when suddenly . . .

I wandered over to the edge of a pond, taking pictures of the reflections, some ducks and a few cattails that seemed ready to explode.  Suddenly, I noticed some plants near the shore shaking back and forth.  I went to investigate, and it stopped, then started up again.  Mysterious . . .  I had just leaned my head over the edge as far as I could without falling into the pond, when something leapt out and swam away.  After the splash settled, I caught a glimpse of a beaver (or maybe a muskrat?), his nose making a neat little wake as he swam away.  Very exciting!  

This morning's adventure just confirmed an idea that I've been mulling over as my return to work has drawn closer and closer.  I seem to miss so much when I move fast, whether I'm driving, jogging, cycling, or even working efficiently.  As I've taken this time to slow down, to walk, delightful experiences just seem to bubble up around me.  It's not always as "splashy" as today's encounter, but I've really come to enjoy the little surprises that pop up here and there.
My mystery creature - in the water behind the ducks.

To all my colleagues heading back to work this fall - and to everyone who balances a life full of responsibilities - I invite you to take a moment now and then to slow down and enjoy the details.  It's a beautiful world out there!

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  1. i wonder if the muskrat was thinking "when I slow down by this trail I have so many adventures?"