Weaselhead Flats

  • Parking: On site
  • Washrooms: None
  • Paved, gravel and dirt path
Looking out over the open water.
An Everchanging Landscape  

After trudging up and down all those hills yesterday, I decided to go "flat" today - Weaselhead Flats, that is!  Officially the Weaselhead Natural Environment Park, this interpretive walk takes you through the basin of the Elbow River just as it enters Glenmore Reservoir.  The richness of the soil, thick vegetation and abundance of water make this a popular hangout for the wildlife, and I startled a surprising amount of rabbits, deer, squirrels,  birds and I'm sure countless creatures that I never even knew were there in the first place.  I felt like I was disturbing the whole neighborhood!

Reflective illusion.

Speaking of disturbances, I was a bit alarmed to see multiple signs warning of UXO's (unexploded ordinances).  Apparently, the site was used by the military as a training ground before being opened to the public as a park, and dangerous little packages have been left just laying around.  Needless to say, I stayed on the path at all times.

As I walked, I realized that today was the ideal summer morning in my books; the air was calm and warm, and the sun shone in a cloudless sky.  The perfectly still water acted as a flawless mirror, and the reflection was so exact in color and detail that I almost doubted which image was the original.  That is until a duck splashed down, shattering the illusion altogether!  

End of the line!

Having woken from my dreamy state, I continued along the boardwalk beside the pond until . . . it ended - in the pond.  No more path, just ankle deep water all around.  So I launched myself into the bush, swinging from tree to tree.  I almost made it, but as I leapt back to solid ground, I fell short and got what my husband refers to as a "booter".   A double booter, actually.  Ah well, it's all in the line of duty for a Calgary Walker!

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