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Point A to Point B - A Walking Errand
  • Parking: My mechanic
  • Washrooms: none
  • Paved paths and sidewalks
I had to drop my car at the mechanic this morning, and thought I'd count my walk home as my "daily hike".  Google promised it would take just under two hours, and there was plenty of green space on the route, so off I went.
Industrial construction or . . .
Wispy clouds?
Ugh!  The first twenty minutes were horrible - the sights, sounds and smells of traffic and industrial construction.  I took a picture of the "scenery" just to prove how awful my experience was.  But I twitched as I took the pic, and ended up with a shot of the sky instead.  The image of wispy clouds floating through a blue sky stopped me in my tracks.

I realized what I focus on defines the reality of my moment.  Do I choose the industrial construction or the wispy clouds?  As I continued my walk, I began to notice little pockets of beauty and fascinating details I had been missing.  Soon, I was through the constructi
on and heading along the neighborhood green space pathways, and by the time I got home I had enjoyed the walk just as much as my trek through the fir trees or along the creek of Carburn Park.  
Drainage pond at the corner of 112th Ave and Royal Vista Dr.
Consider this post an invitation to walk your next errand.  Choose your local grocery store or bank as a starting point and google a creative way home.  Remember - don't be discouraged by the "scenery" along the way.  Search out the beautiful, and you'll have a great walk!

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