Thank You Eric Musgreave!

Confederation Park

  • Parking: Small lot off 10t Street
  • Washrooms: just west of the parking lot
  • Paved path
One of the many bridges criss crossing the creek.
After yesterday's visit to the newly opened St. Patrick's Island, with it's tentative new plantings and squeaky clean picnic tables, still smelling of lacquer,  Confederation Park seemed to glow with the solid confidence of a grand old park in its prime. 

Paved trails thread through sun-dappled lawns and mature trees on both sides of the creek that runs through the center of the coulee.  Quaint wooden footbridges span the water, and offer lovely spots to watch the many ducks and song birds, who are quite unconcerned with the humans wandering around.  

One of the many birds fluttering around the bridges.
It's an expansive park.  The trails pass ball diamonds, tennis courts and playgrounds, but there is so much room that the different activities never seem to crowd each other.  Even the picnic tables and benches are carefully spaced to offer a bit of privacy, and it's easy to find a spot that feels like your very own.

In the middle of the park, I found a plaque commemorating Eric Musgreave, who "conceived and created" this park as the "largest private Canadian 1967 Centennial Community Project".  What a gift!  Eric and the hundreds of volunteers who built this park have given the city of Calgary a wonderful public space, and have inspired me to contribute to our community in my own way.

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