New Kid on the Block

St. Patrick's Island  

  • Parking: paid parking on the east side of the park
  • Washrooms: east side of the park
  • Paved and dirt path
Between the wetlands and the river.
I came across today's walk by accident this morning.  I had planned on visiting Fort Calgary and the Dean House, but found both under construction.  So I walked west along the river, and across the new George C. King Bridge (formerly the St. Patrick Bridge) to find a brand new park!  St. Patrick's Island has been under construction for three years, and just opened on July 31.  

They've packed a lot into this new space.  The west end has been developed as a more "natural" area with wetlands and trails meandering through old trees, but things get more and more civilized as you more eastward.  I climbed a huge hill for a clear view of downtown, and stopped to explore a great new playground. There's plenty of benches and picnic tables,  and even wooden loungers on the "Sun Deck".  Very chic.  

Bow River meets Elbow River.

On the south side of the island I found more forested trails, and an inlet which was easily accessible along a gently sloping rocky beach.  A fun place to explore the water without the worry of the river's fast current, and a great view of the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers. 

I'm glad I visited this park early. I imagine it will be a busy place once word really gets out.   Whether you're looking for a place to play with children, enjoy a nature trail, meet friends for a picnic or just lay in the sun, there really is something for everyone here at St. Patrick's Island.  

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