Ancient Trees

Douglas Fir Trail
  • Parking: Edworthy Park, south lot
  • Washrooms: along the trail on the south side of the river
  • Dirt Path and lots of stairs

I returned to nature today, walking the popular Douglas Fir Trail.  We began in Edworthy Park, crossed the bridge and followed the paved pathway east-ish to reach the trail head (which is clearly marked).  The most physically demanding of my treks so far, this trail climbs up and down the steep south bank of the Bow, but it rewards you with stunning scenery every step of the way.

I'd be content just walking through the forest itself - towering old trees and shady undergrowth, tree trunks painted with lichen, piles of scales left by feeding squirrels, rotting fallen branches and mossy rocks.  But here and there you'll cross a noisy spring tumbling down the hillside or catch a glimpse of the river far below.  I even saw a woodpecker going to town on an old trunk - my first sighting this year!  

The trail is a moderately challenging one, though.  There were definitely times when I was breathing hard, but the views from the benches are so lovely that its as if you're being rewarded for needing a rest!  

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